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hey. thanks for stopping by. we don't wanna make things weird, but... we're in love with you and your dog already.

we 'get' you; you're design-savvy. you're fashion-obsessed. your home and closet are your pride + joy. you appreciate the special, the long-lasting, and the one-of-a-kind. most importantly, you share your life + your home with beloved animals.

founded in 2019, [found by] fetch was born from a desire to see small businesses thrive and grow by way of community. we're here to bring you, your home, and your pets unique, chic + useful products, designed to illuminate everyone's quirky new york soul. 

we've got particular experience in design, fashion, boutique retail, marketing, apparel e-commerce, customer service, and how to get a raincoat on a dog during a six-second elevator ride (fellow new yorkers, you know that struggle). together, we partner up with brands you already know + love to color outside the lines. try new designs! colors! patterns! reach new peeps and pups! experiment, explore, and have fun with us (we’re best friends with every dog from the upper west side to the east village; just saying).

email us. call us. page us. beep us (remember beepers?!). love you.

xx, B

girl sitting in grass with dog. black and white photo of girl with dogs. dog mom. found by fetch. brooke e lima.